Frequent Asked Questions

Who is the webmaster of this website ?
Julien Dupas. I am a French engineer. Passionated by geography, I wanted to gather different kinds of information on an interactive map in order to make easier the comparison between countries. Besides, I wanted this website to be a source of data for students, curious people... This is why all the data that are presented on this website can be easily downloaded.
How can I contact the webmaster ?
Send an email to the following adress:
I want to edit the data
You have noticed a mistake in data or you would like to update the values with more recent ones. It is possible. You can simply go in the "Editing" section via the menu. You will need a password to edit the values. This password can be obtained by emailing the webmaster and quickly explaining him what you want to do.
I want to add new data
I have selected a few questions in 6 differents fields. If you want to contribute to this website, I will be glad to add new statistics. Just send me an email with the data. The best way to do it is to send an excel file with at least two columns: the ISO code of the country and the corresponding value. Thank you in advance.
I like this website
If you like the concept of this website, please feel free to share its adress with your friends, colleagues, etc..
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